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Visit Devon
Famous for its sandy beaches, medieval towns and the English Riviera, a series of picturesque, harbour towns.
Hele © Alison Day cc
Visit Devon
Famous for its sandy beaches, medieval towns and the English Riviera, a series of picturesque, harbour towns.
Hele © Alison Day cc

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Featured places to visit are shown below.

Visit Bude
© Giuseppe Milo
Hurlers Stone Circles
Visit Hurlers Stone Circles
Hurlers Stone Circles
© Bryan Ledgard
Land's End
Visit Land's End
Land's End
© Chris Combe
Visit Looe
© Alison Day nd
Porthcurno Beach
Visit Porthcurno Beach
Porthcurno Beach
© Robert Pittman
St. Ives Bay
Visit St. Ives Bay
Porthmeor Beach
© Richard Walker

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There are 95 places to visit in Cornwall listed below. The places are in listed in order of the number of times they have been voted finest.

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RSPB Hayle Estuary   ~ Free ~ Hayle 3
RSPB Hayle Estuary, Chenhalls Road, Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 6, England, UK.
Northern Lapwing (Vanellus vanellus) at RSPB Hayle Estuary

RSPB Hayle Estuary provides numerous habitats for wildlife such as intertidal saltmarsh and mudflats, shingle, lagoons, reedbeds, ponds, meadows and farmland, important for many species of wildlife. 

The Eric Grace Memorial hide gives an excellent view over the site and there is also extensive footpath network. 

There is a car park with no height barrier. Parts of the site are suitable for ...

Northern Lapwing (Vanellus vanellus) © MTM MVP arr
St Ives Harbour and Beach   Saint Ives 3
Saint Ives, Cornwall, TR26 2BN, England, UK.
Grey Seal (Halichoerus grypus) at St Ives Harbour and Beach

St Ives Beach is a picturesque crescent shaped beach that has for many years attracted artists and tourists alike. It is part of St Ives Bay which stretches past the Hayle estuary as far as Godrevy Head.

St Ives Harbour provides shelter for local fishing boats. Grey seals are frequent visitors.

Always read and obey the safety signs and follow the beach safety advice of the RNLI on their ...

Grey Seal (Halichoerus grypus) © MTM MVP arr
St Michael’s Mount   Marazion 3
Marazion, Cornwall, TR17 0HS, England, UK.
St Michaels Mount Wigulf at St Michael’s Mount

St Michael’s Mount is a tidal island most of which is owned by the National Trust and some by the St Aubyn family. 

In 1954, Francis St Aubyn – the third Lord St Levan – gave most of St Michael’s Mount to the National Trust, along with a large endowment fund for its upkeep. He retained a 999-year lease for the family to live in the castle and a licence to show the historical rooms to the ...

St Michaels Mount Wigulf ©
Cornish Seal Sanctuary   Gweek 3
Gweek, Cornwall, TR12 6UG, England, UK.
Common Seal (Phoca vitulina) at Cornish Seal Sanctuary

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary is a fully operational seal rescue centre set in 40 acres of beautiful Cornish countryside. The sanctuary provides medical care and recuperation for stray, sick and injured seal pups which have been discovered around the Cornish coast.

In addition to species such as grey seal (halichoerus grypus), common seal (phoca vitulina), humboldt penguin (spheniscus ...

Common Seal (Phoca vitulina) © Andreas Trepte
Blue Reef Aquarium Newquay   Newquay 3
Towan Promenade, Newquay, Cornwall, TR7 1DU, England, UK.
Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) at Blue Reef Aquarium Newquay

The Blue Reef Aquarium has over 40 naturally themed habitats featuring British coastal and tropical reef species. The aquarium features a brilliant viewing tunnel which allows you to walk beneath rays, sharks and many other species.

The aquarium also features several reptiles.

There is a café supplying hot and cold snacks and a marine themed gift shop.

The aquarium supports several ...

Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) © Strobilomyces cc
RSPB Marazion Marsh   ~ Free ~ Marazion 3
RSPB Marazion Marsh, coast road, Marazion, Cornwall, TR17 0AA, England, UK.
Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) at RSPB Marazion Marsh

Marazion Marsh is a nature reserve cared for and maintained by the RSPB. There is a viewing bay near the seafront pavement and a footpath across the reserve.

The RSPB, founded in 1889 by Emily Williamson and Eliza Phillips, is the the largest wildlife conservation charity in the UK, or indeed Europe, with over a million members. The RSPB maintains 200 nature reserves and promotes conservation ...

Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) © JJ Harrison cc
Hurlers Stone Circles   Minions 3
Hurlers Stone Circles, Caradon View, Minions, Cornwall, PL14 5LL, England, UK.
The Hurlers Stone Circles  at Hurlers Stone Circles

The Hurlers Stone Circles (Cornish: An Hurlysi) are three late Neolithic or early Bronze age stone circles arranged in a line, a grouping unique in England.

The Hurlers comprises three stone circles that lie on a line from SSW to NNE, and have diameters of 35 metres (115 ft.), 42 metres (138 ft.) and 33 metres (108 ft.). The two outer stone circles are circular. The middle circle, the largest is ...

The Hurlers Stone Circles © Bryan Ledgard cc
Porthcurno Beach   ~ Free ~ Porthcurno 1
Porthcurno, Cornwall, TR19 6JX, England, UK.
Porthcurno Beach  at Porthcurno Beach

Porthcurno Beach is a long curving sandy bay of spectacular beauty.

Porthcurno Beach © Robert Pittman cc
Bude   ~ Free ~ Bude 1
The Crescent, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 8LE, England, UK.
Bude Sunset   at Bude

Bude is a small coastal resort and a triple winner in the British Travel Awards for Best UK Coastal Resort.

There are several beautiful sandy beaches available and the Bude sea pool that is cut into the rock at Summerleaze Beach is good when the sea is rough.

Bude Sunset © Giuseppe Milo cc
Looe   ~ Free ~ Looe 1
Looe, Cornwall, England, UK.
Looe  at Looe

Looe (Cornish: Logh) is a small coastal town and fishing port. The name means a deep water inlet.

Looe © Alison Day cc
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